Is the moon really pink?

Did you see the Pink Moon last Monday night, April 26?  I saw a magnificently extra-large full moon but had no idea that it was called a pink moon.  It isn’t pink after all.   So, after researching this extra big and bright full moon, I learned 3 things:

1.  Its huge size (7% larger) and brightness (15%) are because it is much closer to earth than usual at only 223,694 miles.  By contrast, the moon we usually see is between 239,000 and 252,000 miles from earth.

2.  It is named after pink flowers called wild ground phlox, which bloom in early spring. The blossoming of flowers signifies starting fresh in order to fully bloom and this moon occurs at that time.

3.  It is believed to be a symbol of fertility, progress, and optimism…a time when your dreams and goals may be achieved…a time to start over, fresh and new.

How wonderfully positive and hopeful for our world after a year of slowing down and focusing inward!  The pandemic really isn’t over yet but we are grateful for vaccines, for the loosening of restrictions, for the knowledge of ways we can protect ourselves and others, for the ability to pivot and reimagine our lives and businesses, and so much more.

So, the moon may not really be pink but its rare beauty is a refreshing time to start over!  If you missed this Pink Moon last week, be sure to mark your calendars for two more supermoons, which appear on May 26 (Flower Moon) and June 24 (Strawberry Moon).

Start dreaming!