On Being a Nutritarian

There is a new word in my vocabulary and it is NUTRITARIAN! This past Friday at our Brain Health workshop, our keynote speaker was Cheryl Hoover. She is a lifelong Charlottean, Registered Pharmacist, certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, and owner of Pharmacy In Your Kitchen. WOW! The eye-openers were amazing!

For example:

  • She does not advocate for anyone to change their diet to Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, or any of the other specialty diet types.
  • She does suggest that we build our plates around whole food plants and use meat, fish, or seafood as a side dish.
  • She says “eat the rainbow” by making sure our plates have many colors.  And not to worry about counting calories!
  • She says Embrace the opportunity we have right in our own kitchens to nourish our bodies with every bite we take.”

How is this possible?  Be a Nutritarian!  Nourish your body!

  • Instead of asking “what did you have for dinner?”  Ask “how did you nourish yourself today?”  Or “how many colors did you eat today?”
  • If it’s from a plant, eat it.  If it’s made in a plant, avoid it.
  • Don’t eat something with ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Food should expire.
  • Our teeth are meant for plant-eating.

I wouldn’t call myself old-fashioned and outdated; I like to think I’m classic and current.  But, I am normally a contrarian when it comes to jumping on trendy diets, trendy fashion, trendy investments, or trendy this-or-that.  However, making lifestyle changes for the benefit of brain health is not a trend, nor are the pillars to succeed. Looking at food choices in a different way — in a plant-forward way — is refreshing and hopeful.  Now how can I be contrarian about that?!