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Your Choice: Family Glued, or Family Feud?

I like to think of The Ivey as one big, happy family. That might sound cliché, but it’s true. Our Members, their families, our staff, and even Charlotte’s growing network of senior care professionals – it really does feel like an extended family to me.

Perhaps this is only natural. After all, we are serving Charlotte families. We work closely with them – hand-in-hand – to provide a trustworthy, top-notch daily care solution for their loved ones living with Alzheimer’s and other types of memory loss. The vast majority of our incredible staff members have personal experiences with dementia in their own families, so there’s a distinctly supportive, familial vibe here at The Ivey. We bring compassion and understanding to the conversation.

Today I am thinking about certain families at The Ivey that inspire me. These are family members who are truly working together in harmony, making care decisions that are in the best interests of their loved one, and turning to us regularly for information, insight and guidance.

I particularly love when I see siblings working together, firing on all cylinders, committed to the same vision of wellness and happiness for their Mom or Dad. Even when disagreements arise (which they certainly can), these siblings adopt a thoughtful and judicious approach – hearing each other out, weighing the pros and cons, and using an unselfish, democratic process to arrive at decisions on various things.

Obviously, this isn’t always the case. Caring for a parent can be an emotionally charged experience with the potential to start a sibling feud or add to an already existing one. Thankfully, from my standpoint these instances are the exception, not the rule. And when they do arise, The Ivey’s expert staff can often help get everyone in sync and on the same page.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of agreeing on a core set of values and interests that can serve to guide all care-related decisions that the group will be making together. Other times, these experiences can also serve as opportunities to clear the air or heal old wounds among family members.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s inspiring to see families come together as a united front in order to preserve the dignity and enhance the quality of life of their loved ones.

Families working in loving collaboration with each other? Yup. It’s a beautiful thing, and it makes my heart sing.

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