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Look Whoooo’s Outside My Window

Sometimes, something happens that changes the course of our day…or for that matter, our week/month/year/life.

Take today, for example. I was preparing my weekly blog post for you, when I suddenly looked up from my desk and noticed a visitor outside my window.

It’s not my first encounter with the owl. And I’ll share much more with you next week about what I mean.

But for today, I’m setting aside my planned blog in favor of sharing with you this photo of our wonderful guest – our very own caregiver here at The Ivey – and everything this guest brings along: intuition…wisdom…clarity…change…inspiration…guidance. But again, more on this next week.

Until then, enjoy the view. And just for a moment, consider the signs that are available to us each and every day, all around us, if we’re simply open to receiving them.

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