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A Thought for This Holiday Week

It’s Christmas week, a time when many of us become nostalgic for earlier days. We recall fond memories from when we were children – or perhaps from when our children were children – and these reminiscences are as much a part of our individualized holiday ambiance as the trees, garland, lights and ornaments.

Let’s remember that our aging loved ones are living links to those times. As we visit with family this week, carve out some special time with a senior loved one in your life. Take her by the hand. Look into her eyes. Hear her stories from long ago. Hear them again and again and again, each time as if it’s the first. Luxuriate in being in her presence. Because she is the past incarnate – a living, breathing vault of memories, recalled or not – and a spectacular reminder of who we are, where we came from, and how far we’ve come.

Each of us here at The Ivey extend best wishes to you and yours for the remainder of this holiday season…and beyond.

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