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Re-Entry to Reality

As many of us squeeze in a final vacation before the busy post-summer period arrives, we also find ourselves facing down a wide spectrum of emotions.

First, there’s the build-up to the vacation – the anticipation, the daydreaming, and the frenetic nature of trip preparation. Stop the mail and paper! Pick clothes and pack the suitcase! Set the email auto-responder! Line up pet care and plant care!

Then there’s the vacation, itself. Hopefully, it was everything you were hoping it would be. And hopefully, you took the time to “unplug.”

But for purposes of this blog musing, what’s most fascinating to me are those final days of vacation. When we feel that well-known twinge accompanied by that well-known thought: “Uh-oh. Back to reality soon.”

Psychologists have suggested that we should start planning our next vacation before our current one is over to help minimize that post-vacation malaise that’s brewing inside us at those times. Well, okay, that’s not bad advice