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Reflections on Taking A Break

After my 2-month hiatus as a result of my Dad’s passing (the subject of my most recent blog post), I am excited and inspired to bring back the blogs! Believe it or not, I have been authoring this blog since September 2014 – typically either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the work load at the time – and I have absolutely loved having this forum as a place to share my thoughts, speak my mind, and/or personally connect with my growing readership.

And also…isn’t it great to take a break sometimes?

If you’ve ever had an ongoing project that fed you in a special way, you may have also experienced the “dual benefit” of taking a break from it. You get to recharge your batteries, AND your love of the project grows even fonder. Over the past 2 months, I have “refilled the tank” while simultaneously missing the process of sending these personal dispatches to you all.

This phenomenon happens with family caregivers, too. As they care for their loved one living with memory loss, the demands of the role inescapably drain their energy, and they eventually desperately need a break. Whether it’s dropping their loved one off for a day of socializing and nourishment at The Ivey, or arranging for a weekend away with friends, these caregivers end up feeling the “dual benefit” of taking such a break. Their energy comes back, AND they miss their loved one even more.

And trust me, these are both very good things.

If you are feeling the stress of caregiving taking its toll on your energy, mood, mind or body (or likely, all of the above), I urge you to take a break. A few hours, a couple days or a long weekend. Family, friends and The Ivey are potential resources for you.

By doing so, you’ll find yourself a better caregiver, not to mention a happier and healthier human.

And in my case, maybe even a better blogger