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Build Your Team

We just had our monthly staff meeting here at The Ivey. And all I can say is: wow, what a team!

We typically meet on the first Wednesday evening of every month, soon after The Ivey closes. Each time, we spend a couple hours eating dinner, reviewing our recent “wins” as a team, and discussing ways that we can continue optimizing the way we work and improving the lives of the members and families that we serve.

During and after each month’s staff meeting, I am overcome with a wave of gratitude for the beautiful souls that I get to call my teammates. I’m also struck with the undeniable truth that it truly takes a team to deliver so much love, care and expertise to so many folks, so consistently.

Here’s some more truth for you: we ALL need a team. We all need people who we can count on in the game of life, who have our backs, and who we can send in to cover for us when we’re tired, hurt, or in need of nourishment.

In particular, when you’re caring for a loved one living with dementia, you MUST have a team in place. It doesn’t have to be a big team. A small team can be strong and mighty, if its members are working in sync.

But when you have a goal in sight – in this case, protecting the happiness, comfort, independence and dignity of someone living with memory loss – you need to be able to pass the ball to others. To go for the assists and the lay-ups. To call in the special ops. Otherwise, you’ll get blocked out every time. Checked into the wall. You’ll pass out in the middle of the field, exhausted. You simply won’t make your goal.

So I’m here to encourage you to build your team. Also, make it a handpicked team. Build it strategically with people who you trust, and players who wield specific skills and talents that are additive to yours. The Ivey is proud to serve on the team of many Charlotte families. We could serve on your team, too!

Who ultimately ends up on your team is up to you. Just don’t do it alone.

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