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Getting Illustrative

When I stop and think about how we are in the midst of celebrating our 10th Anniversary Year as Charlotte’s only Memory Wellness Day Center, sometimes I feel awe-struck. After all, getting here has been a full-on adventure as a founder, as a CEO, and as a caregiver for my own parents who spent their final years living with memory loss.

Furthermore, it is breathtaking how many talented, generous, creative individuals have played (and continue to play) their own special roles in getting The Ivey to this point in our journey. I’m referring to our entire team of professional staff members (current and prior)…our dedicated Board of Trustees…the elder care and dementia care industry throughout the Charlotte region…the many families who have entrusted the daytime care of their loved ones into our hands…and of course, our beloved members, both here and gone.

I decided to mark this celebratory touchstone of our first decade, in part, by commissioning our first-ever Annual Report, which we recently distributed as a part of our Q2 newsletter. And in developing this document, as with many things at The Ivey, we decided to do it in our own style. If you’ve read traditional annual reports from other organizations before, you’ll notice that we’ve taken a more illustrative approach – employing a blend of colorful infographics with compelling data and other metrics to help tell the exciting story of our current state, progress and achievements.

Now that our 2016 Annual Report is out there, we are eager to hear your feedback! (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view it online and download it HERE.) Please share your thoughts with us by taking this short 5-question online survey. Your feedback will be valuable for our future Annual Reports.

Again, thank you. We are excited to continue telling the ever-unfolding story of The Ivey in new and meaningful ways!

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