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Grateful for the Past, Excited for the Future

Love. Family. When the family gathers this time of year, we tend to reminisce about the past. Here at The Ivey, we’re also excited about the future – especially as we begin to celebrate our 10th Anniversary Year!

The history and vision of The Ivey is rooted in family. Everything we do here centers around that. We love family and endeavor each day to make the lives of The Ivey’s families the best they can be given their circumstances.

Some of you may know that my Mom, who lived with Alzheimer’s disease, passed away the same week we broke ground, October 7, 2006. She knew what I was planning to build and told me that she wanted to “hang on” to see it. I told her to go get her angel wings and help me always. And as you would imagine, she has done just that!

My father lived another 10 years, but sadly, passed last year on December 11 having also lived with dementia his last several years. He visited often during the construction of the building and was very proud of his daughter’s business and real estate venture.

As a long-distance caregiver for both of my parents, I can particularly relate to our families and their journeys. I know my parents are proud of how far we’ve come in the past 10 years.

So, in memory of my parents, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. And thank you for ensuring the vision and promise continues every day!