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Dementia Care is a Puzzle – Challenging and Beautiful

Last month, we posted some photos on The Ivey’s Facebook page of our member Gary’s completed jigsaw puzzle (click here to see the Facebook post: He had started it right before Christmas and worked diligently on it a few hours a day for straight three weeks. In the end, what emerged was a gorgeous holiday image of snow covered trees, the warm glow of a winter village, and people holding hands.

This was not an easy feat, mind you. Hundreds of tiny pieces, cut from an intricate image. But what Gary brought to the task at hand was both a spirit of persistence and a love of rising to a challenge.

When I saw it in its finished form, I felt a few different things at once. I felt pride – so much pride for Gary in his accomplishment. I felt gratitude – so much gratitude for the beauty in my life (both in human form and in puzzle form). And, I felt connection…

So much connection. Just as Gary’s puzzle pieces connected together to create a vision of beauty, so to do the many resources available to families living with dementia.

Resources come in many different forms – doctors and nurses, friends and family, pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions, and of course, The Ivey. What I’ve learned over our past decade of service is that if families take the time to:

- assess the pieces in front of them...
- consider how they might fit together, and...
- imagine how beautiful life can be once the entire picture comes together...

…then it becomes clear that the exercise of assembling the pieces is clearly worth the time and effort.

Just ask Gary!

But know this: you don’t have to assemble the puzzle yourself. Heck, just looking at all the pieces laid out in front of you can be intimidating! We are here to help you bring that vision to life, and to help all of the pieces fit together perfectly.