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Honor and celebrate the start of summer

Today, words like distinction, privilege, glory, tribute, credit, kudos, respect, admire, prestige, fame, notability, look up to, esteem, appreciate, and many more come to mind.  All represent and define the word, honor. 

From a young age, we are taught to honor our fathers and mothers.  At birthday parties and anniversary celebrations, we honor friends and family members.   At weddings, we honor the happy couple.  At funerals, we honor the deceased.  

Today, we may honor the unofficial start to summer.   And especially this year, as COVID-19 vaccination levels rise and case numbers drop, Americans are honoring a return to a sense of normalcy.  Just a year ago, scientific experts dreaded holidays like this for the spike in COVID-19 cases it would bring.  

But not this year!  Fifty percent of American adults are now fully vaccinated and health experts are not expecting a spike in cases. That is truly something to celebrate!  Wearing masks and getting vaccinated has been a visible way to honor and respect our fellow human beings.  

So, let the fireworks light up the skies! Let the air be filled with the smells of barbeque, hamburgers, and hot dogs on the grill!  Enjoy family and friends on this beautiful 3-day weekend! 

Most importantly, display the American flag proudly. Remember and give thanks to those who courageously gave their lives while serving in the military.   Use today to count your blessings and stand proud.  Never forget, ever honor.  

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